Love beards, puns,
and role playing?

Looking for a way to
unleash your inner beardbarian?

Tired of game systems
that don’t take beards seriously?

In a night of alcohol activated
alliterative action…

Our team cranked out the
answer to your unspoken request…

In this free four page RPG, you take on the role of Beardsmen (or women) from across space and time who have been drawn into a bearded battle royale for follicular fame, goateed glory, and the Ultimate Prize!

It’s simple to learn and easy to run.

Beards and Beyond  is a rules lite system inspired by some of our favorite short RPGs like All Out of Bubble GumLasers and Feelings, and The Tearable RPG.

Since we love beards and RPGs we figured it was time to do something about it.

We hope you not only download it but play it and have fun.

Beards and Beyond is the brainchild of the Tony Vasinda. Tony is a long time roleplayer and GM. With a background in group dynamics and team building, Tony has always been enthralled with how games challenge, change, and effect behavior.

We hope you enjoy this freshman RPG offering and would love your feedback. Keep an eye out for regular updates, refreshes, and maybe even some free modules in the future.